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Intelligent Potty is distributed worldwide by the following companies.

  • Australia & New Zealand
    Oricom International Pty Ltd
    Unit 1 Sovereign Place, South Windsor, NSW 2756
    T 02 4574 8888
    E sales@oricom.com.au
  • Belgium, Luxemburg
    Quax nv
    Karel Picquélaan 84, 9800 Deinze
    T +32 (0)9 380 80 95 - F +32 (0)9 386 93 50
    E info@quax.eu
  • Canada & USA
    Peter John M. Distributions Inc.
    Unit # 114 - 6951, 72nd. Street, Delta, BC, Canada V4G 0A2
    T 1-888-597-0992
    E info@pjmdistribution.com
  • HongKong
    Unit 508, Prosperity Place, No. 6 Shing Yip St., Kwub Tong, HK
    T 34640425
    E info@ugc.com.hk
  • Germany/Austria/Switzerland
    Rotho Babydesign GmbH
    Im Schachen 212, D-66687 Wadern-Nunkirchen
    T 06874–18693-0
    E info@rotho-babydesign.com
  • Japan
    Nihonikuji Co., Ltd.
    Midosuji SG Bldg. 3F, 3-6-1 Bakurou-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0059 JAPAN
    T +81-6-6251-7420 - F +81-6-6245-1849
    E info@nihonikuji.co.jp
  • Korea
    Penta Zone
    837-16 Bangbae Dong, Seacho GU 137-060 Seoul Korea
    T +82 2 599 0862/3 - F +82 2 594 0778
    E pentaz@chol.com
  • Netherlands
    B-Boo baby & lifestyle GmbH
    Reeserstrasse 473, 46446 Emmerich am Rhein, Duitsland
    T +31 6 430 617 27
    E info@b-boo.nl
  • Poland
    Ceba Sp.z.o.o
    Ul. Zakrozowska 29 – Wroclaw 51-318
    T +34 9622 60 036
    E michal.klupsz@ceba.com.pl
  • Russia
    Gerda LLC. - BC Silver stone
    Serebryakova pr-d, 14 bld. 15, office 15317, 129343, Moscow
    T +7 499 500 42 19
    E info@gerdaru.com
  • Spain
    Olmitos s.a.
    Avda. De Lepanto, s/n 46640 Mogente (Valencia)
    T +34 9622 60 036
  • Tenerife
    Zoalfer S.A.
    Calle Juan de Avila,50/52 - 38009 - Santa Cruz de Tenerife
    T +34 9222 30077
    E info@zoalfer.es
  • Sweden
    Scandinavian Baby Alliance
    Industrigatan 2 – 33235 Gislaved
    T +46 371 771 101
    E inge.ohlsson@sbababy.se

How to remove the sound module from the potty?
Take the module between your thumb and forefinger and push the sides. Turn the module to the left and take it out of the toilet. To replace the module, work the other way.

How to place the batteries in the sound module?
The battery compartment is located underneath the sound module and is covered with a lid (A). Release the screw (A1), remove the lid and place the three batteries (AAA). Close the battery compartment and refasten the screw. Batteries are not included. The module will only work properly when functioning AAA batteries are inserted and replaced in time..


Batteries are not included. Only use type AAA batteries.

Estimated battery life?
When using 10 x day:

  • Type AAA Alkaline: 6 months
  • Type AAA Zinc Chloride: 1 month

How to make a recording ?
Press the record button (REC). Keep it constantly pressed and release the button after recording. Maximum duration is six seconds.The recorded message starts playing and the sound module is ready for use.

The sound module is not working?
Failure to activate the sound may be due to :

  • The child does not sit on the toilet
  • There is no sufficient amount of liquid in the inner pot, too little peed. There is a minimum of 40-50 ml of fluid needed in the inner potty
  • The inside and outside of the inner pot are still moist
  • The sensor plates on the module are not dry

The Intelligent Potty comes with a two-year guarantee on manufacturing defects and proof of purchase.

The IPotty meets the safety prescriptions provided in the EN 71-1, EN 71-2, EN 71-3, EN 55014-1, EN 55014-2, EN 62115 standards and the directives 2005/84/CE and 76/769/CEE

Replacement of parts?
Always use original parts, to obtain from the manufacturer or the distributor of the Intelligent Potty.

Only clean the parts, with the exception of the sound module, with soap or any other mild cleaning agent without toxic components and with warm water. The sound module with the batteries can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.

Where can I download the manual?
The manual can be downloaded here. Download manual.

The sound module is not working?
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