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Get your baby diaper-free sooner

Intelligent Potty makes potty training easier and more effective than ever. The first potty with a re-recordable sound module. You record an encouraging personalised message (max. 6 seconds). After using the potty, your toddler gets to hear this message as a reward. Intelligent Potty makes potty training a fun interaction between parent and child. Your toddler gets potty-trained faster because their interest and curiosity are engaged. Check out the other advantages »

  • Blue
    Intelligent Potty
  • Lila
    Intelligent Potty
  • Red
    Intelligent Potty
  • Rubine
    Intelligent Potty
  • Pastel Pink
    Intelligent Potty
  • Pastel Blue
    Intelligent Potty
  • Pastel Aqua
    Intelligent Potty
  • Milk
    Intelligent Potty
  • Menthol
    Intelligent Potty
  • Grey
    Intelligent Potty

No. 1 potty training system

Intelligent Potty is educational. It keeps your toddler stimulated, interested and curious.
It’s also great fun. Potty training is faster than ever with Intelligent Potty!
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Easy recording

Just press the record button to record. You can change the message as many times as you like. This means you can vary your message.

Ergonomic design

Your little one will automatically adopt the correct sitting position encouraging good toilet technique.

Personalised message

You can use the sound module to record an personalised message. This message rewards your toddler after using the potty.